Tyrone Township

& Zoning


Ross Nicholson – Director of Planning & Zoning
Karie Carter  – Planning & Zoning Administrator
Marian Krause – Planning & Zoning Assistant
Mike Cunningham Supervisor

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the Tyrone Township Zoning Ordinance and Land Use Plan.  The Department processes applications, coordinates pre-application meetings and provides staff support to the Township Board, the Planning Commission and the Zoning Board of Appeals including but not limited to:

• Zoning Permits
• Site Plan Reviews
• Special Land Use Permits
• Zoning Ordinance and Map Amendments
• Text Amendments and Rezoning Requests
• Variance Requests
• Appeals of Administrative Decisions
• Ordinance Interpretations

Construction Permits

Land Use Permits and Waivers must be obtained for all new construction and additions.  Contact Tyrone Township’s Planning and Zoning Department at (810) 629-8631.

Land Use Permit Application  
Sample Site Plan

Septic and Well Permits must be obtained through the Livngston County Health Department. (517) 546-9850.

Soil Erosion or Grading Permits are obtained throught the Livingston County Drain Commissioner. (517) 546-0040.

Driveway Approach Permits are obtained through the Livingston County Road Commission. (517) 546-4250.

Building Permits are obtained through the Livingston County Building Department. (517) 546-3240.