Tyrone Township



Alexa NicholsonMAAO, MCPPE, Assessor
Nigel EnglandMCAO, Assistant Assessor


The Assessing Department is responsible for identifying, inventorying, establishing market values and calculating assessed valuation of all real and personal property in the Township in accordance with the General Property Tax Act.

Assessment records of each property in the Township are maintained by the Assessing Department.  Property records include owner, address, sale and transfer information, building sketches, legal descriptions, square footage and year built.  The Assessor also maintains section and plat maps and is responsible for processing all approved land divisions and combinations.

Property Transfer Affidavits, Principal Residence Exemption Affidavits, and Personal Property records are filed and maintained by this office. 

Field Work

The Assessing Department is responsible for reviewing all new construction and also conducts parcel reviews of all parcels within the Township in order to update the records so they are as accurate as possible. You may see them taking measurements and photographs in your neighborhood. The information we gather is used not only by the Assessing Department, but also by appraisers, real estate professionals, insurance companies, and mortgage lenders. If you have any questions, you may contact the Assessing Department.

Board of Review

Appeals of assessments are made to the Board of Review.  Three Board of Review meetings are held annually: March, July and December. The March Board of Review has the authority to review the following types of appeals for the current year: Assessed value, poverty exemptions under MCL 211.7u, assessor denial of the continuation of a qualified agricultural property exemption, and assessment classification. The July and December Boards of Review are held to correct assessment roll clerical errors or mutual mistakes of fact. Valuation appeals are not heard in July and December. For more information, click here.