Tyrone Township


Cemetery Information

Tyrone Township owns three cemeteries: Clough Hill, Colwell, and Gardner.  Burial lots are available for $450 each.  For burials, cemetery information, or lot purchasing please contact the township hall at (810) 629-8631 Monday through Thursday,  9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m., (810) 333-0906 after-hours, or email.

(Please note the township does not own Tyrone Memorial Gardens on White Lake Rd. See bottom of page for contact information.)

The township works exclusively with Genesee Valley Vault Co. for grave openings and headstone foundations.  Please contact them directly at (810) 695-5166 to request openings or foundation installation, as well as their prices. 

A road map of Tyrone Township with the cemetery locations may be viewed here.


• Clough Hill – 10226 Linden Rd, near Turner Rd. Clough Hill Cemetery is approximately 3.0 acres and was established in 1834.

     Clough Hill Plot Map
     Clough Hill Headstone Photos

• Colwell – 10154 White Lake Rd., west of US-23 and adjacent to Tyrone Memory Gardens. Colwell Cemetery is approximately 1.2 acres and was established in 1834.

     Colwell Plot Map 
     Colwell Headstone Photos

• Gardner – 7194 Hartland Rd., south of Germany Road. Gardner Cemetery is approximately 1.6 acres and was established in 1834.

     Gardner Plot Map
     Gardner Headstone Photos

Tyrone Memorial Gardens

Tyrone Memorial Gardens Cemetery on White Lake Road is NOT owned by Tyrone Township.  It is privately owned by Crestwood Cemetery, 2020 E. Hill Rd., Grand Blanc, MI 48439.  Crestwood can be reached at (810) 694-4101.