Tyrone Township


Road Information

Livingston County Road Commission owns and maintains the public roads of Tyrone Township. Private road maintenance is the responsibility of individuals or homeowner associations. You can check whether a road is private or public by searching the 2023 Access Name Inventory. Special assessments for private OR public road improvements, such as paving, grading, resurfacing, or snow removal, may be requested by individuals or associations. For information about the special assessment process, please contact Clerk Pam Moughler at 810-629-8631.

Livingston County Road Commission

Complaints regarding the township’s public roads should be directed to the Livingston County Road Commission.  Please understand that the road commission is aware of the rough conditions of our roads and are doing what they can.  The Road Commission may be reached at 517-546-4250.  News and events are posted on their website.