Tyrone Township

Free Property Fraud Alert Service

The Livingston County Register of Deeds Office is making it easier for residents to help protect their most valuable asset, their home. Through their free Property Fraud Alert service, residents can sign-up to be notified via phone or email if a document is recorded in Livingston County under their name. Consider it an early warning system for property owners to stay up-to-date about their property and take appropriate actions if they determine fraudulent activity has taken place.  The Property Fraud Alert is a free service provided by the Register of Deeds Office.

The best way to stay informed about your property and to protect against property fraud is being proactive. This is a great tool for those with aging parents to ensure that their loved ones don’t fall victim to scams or fraud. Sign-up is easy and fast. You can sign up to three names per phone number or four names per email address, in case you’d like multiple people to receive alerts on the same property.

To sign-up, simply visit https://www.propertyfraudalert.com/, select “Livingston, MI” from their front page. Next, follow the Continue prompt, accept the terms, and then enter either your personal information or business information to be monitored. Select whether you want receive notifications via email or as phone. Simply select “Save” when your information is entered, and you’ve signed up for the alert and taken the first step to protecting your home!

The information provided by residents is kept safe and secure and won’t be used for any reason other than notifying you of recordings. Contact the Register of Deeds Office at (517) 546-0270 or via email at rod@livgov.com with any questions.