Burn Permits

Residents of Tyrone Township who wish to burn MUST obtain a burn permit from the township.  Permits cost $5.00 and are good for one calendar year.  Read the Open Burning Ordinance here and the Zoning Map here. 

Understand the burn ordinance! Not adhering to township regulations may result in fire run service charge of $1,447.00 and/or a fine. 

Burning is NOT permitted if wind speeds exceed 9 mph or dry conditions exist.

Click here to view a map of service areas.

          City of Fenton Fire Dept.         (810) 629-8595
          Fenton Township Fire Dept.     (810) 629-1911
          Hartland Fire Dept.                 (810) 632-7676


Grass & Leaf Burning

Burning of grass and leaves is NOT ALLOWED in the following zoning districts.  These districts can compost, bag (if your garbage company accepts yard waste), or can be taken to Michigan Landscape, 380 S. Fenway Dr., Fenton to be composted:

  • R-2
  • LK-1
  • MHP

Burning of grass and leaves is ALLOWED in the following zoning districts on parcels of THREE (3) ACRES OR MORE, but only from April 1-May 31 and September 15 to November 30:

  • R-1
  • PUD
  • FR
  • RE

Click here to see the zoning map.   Understand the Open Burning Ordinance!  Failure to burn correctly can result in a $1,447 service charge!

Get a Burn Permit

In PersonPermits may be obtained at the township hall (front desk), Monday-Thursday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.  Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted at the township office.  (A $2.00 fee applies for credit card purchases.)

By Mail or Dropbox- To obtain a burn permit by mail, please print and complete 
this applicationor write a note with same information, and mail or use dropbox to Tyrone Township, Attn: Burn Permit, 8420 Runyan Lake Road, Fenton, MI 48430 with a check for $5.00 (do not mail cash). Credit card payments cannot be made via mail or phone.

Please make sure to include your email address on the application; the permit and regulations will be emailed to you.  If you prefer to have the permit and regulations mailed to you, please include a stamped envelope.  Please note the permit is not valid until issued.

Emergency Service Cost

The cost of fire emergency service is $1,447.00.  Tyrone Township has a cost recovery ordinance, which allows the township to charge non-residents using emergency fire service (i.e. auto accidents or 911) within the township; likewise township residents requiring service for unlawful burning (burning not complying with the burn permit regulations) will be charged.

Supervisor Mike Cunningham and City of Fenton Fire Chief Bob Cairnduff teamed to make a couple of short videos about open burning in the township: 
burn permits and safe burning.

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