Recent Zoning Ordinance Revisions

Recent revisions to Zoning Ordinance #36D were adopted by the Township Board and are summarized as follows:

  1. Amendments to Article 11 Planned Unit Development (PUD), Table 11.1 PUD Uses Permitted updated Table 11.1 to be consistent with Table 20 in the Master Plan. (adopted 9.7.21)
  2. Amendments to Article 21 Supplemental District Regulations, Section 21.21.F. Swimming Pool Covers allows for the use of approved safety covers to fulfill residential swimming pool enclosure requirements consistent with the Michigan Residential Building Code, which was amended in recent years to recognize certain safety covers as viable alternatives to fencing. (adopted 9.7.21)
  3. Amendments to Article 21 Supplemental District Regulations, Section 21.28 Stables and Animals revise the requirements and standards for keeping of animals that are not pets in FR, RE and R-1 zoning districts, clarifies the method used to calculate the number of animals allowed, and adds standards for the keeping of chickens, rabbits and bees. (adopted 9.21.21)

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