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Per the Governor's orders to minimize the spread of COVID-19, the township office is closed until further notice.  

The township departments will continue to monitor their email and phone messages periodically. We encourage residents to leave phone messages, use email, and our website to download forms.  The drop box by our front entrance is locked and secure and may be used to request burn permits, land use permits, payments, etc.

The May 5, 2020 School Election has been cancelled. The Linden School and Hartland School Districts have postponed their bond proposals to the August 4 Primary Election.  Election information may be found on this page.

Let's take this time off to practice gratitude, kindness and keep everyone safe and healthy.


Livingston County Road Commission owns and maintains the public roads of Tyrone Township. Private road maintenance is the responsibility of individuals or homeowner associations. You can check whether a road is private or public by searching the Road Inventory List. Special assessments for private OR public road improvements, such as paving, grading, resurfacing, or snow removal, may be requested by individuals or associations. For information about the special assessment process, please contact Clerk Marcie Husted at 810-629-8631.

Complaints regarding the township's public roads should be directed to the Livingston County Road Commission.  Please understand that the road commission is aware of the rough conditions of our roads and are doing what they can.  The Road Commission may be reached at 517-546-4250.  News and events are posted on their website.

Motorists may file claims for vehicle damage caused by potholes, but conditions apply. First, the pothole must be located on a state trunkline, which is a highway with an M-, I-, or U.S.- prefix, i.e., M-59, M-36, US-23, I-96.  MDOT only has jurisdiction over state trunklines.  Additionally, to prove a highway-defect claim, state law requires a motorist to show that the road agency failed to maintain the highway in reasonable repair.  The motorist must show that MDOT knew of the condition and had an opportunity to repair it, or that the condition exists for more than 30 days.  Few claims are eligible for payment because potholes develop quickly.  The claim form and instructions are available on MDOT's website.

Road Inventory List

Want to know if a road is private or public? See what township a road is located? Click here to check the county road inventory list.



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