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The Clerk's office is responsible for conducting all elections within the township.  This includes voting at the national, state, county and township levels and includes elections for local school districts, libraries and special elections.  In this function the Clerk is responsible for voter registration and maintaining the list of registered voters.  Additionally, absentee ballots are requested from the Clerk.

The Michigan Voter Information Center is a great resource and provides an assortment of information related to voter registration and election administration in Michigan.

The Livingston County Clerk also provides a wealth of election information, from proposals, candidate and delegate filing information and deadlines on their Election Information page.

  Marcella Husted,
  (810) 629-8631

  Terri Medor, Deputy Clerk

Permanent Absentee Application List

To receive an application for an absentee ballot for all future elections, please make your request to be placed on the permanent AV list by either emailing clerk@tyronetownship.us or calling 810-629-8631.  You will automatically be mailed an application before each election. The application MUST still be signed and submitted to the Township Clerk before each election to receive a ballot in the mail. For more information how absentee voting works visit the State of Michigan website.

Primary Elections

In an OPEN PRIMARY voters receive a ballot with a column listing each party's candidates.  Voters then decide which party they wish to participate in by voting only in the column of their party. Voting for candidates in more than one party will void the entire partisan ballot.

Voters in a CLOSED PRIMARY must state the party they wish to vote BEFORE receiving a ballot.  The ballot given only shows the party of choice.

Voting Precinct Locations

A map of the precincts may be found here.  Not sure if you are a registered voter?  Don't know which precinct you live in?  Click here to find out. 

Precinct 1 (Linden School District)
Fenton Church of the Nazarene
11075 Runyan Lake Rd.
(corner of Runyan Lake Rd. & White Lake Rd., East of US23)

Precinct 2 and 3 (Fenton School District)
Tyrone Covenant Presbyterian Church
10235 White Lake Rd.
(West of US23, across from Tyrone Memorial Cemetery)

Precinct 4 (Hartland School District)
Tyrone Township Hall
10408 Center Rd.
(Half mile east of US23)

Military or Oversea Voters

Military or overseas civilian voters (eligible to register and vote in Michigan) can receive a ballot by e-mail or fax to easily vote.  (The voter ballot MUST still be returned by postal mail for security purposes.)  OVERSEAS VOTERS may obtain an application to vote absentee here.  Additional information about the Federal Voting Assistance Program can be found here.

August 6, 2019

Fenton Area Public Schools 
Sinking Fund Millage Proposal

2.25 Mills for 10 Year Full text of the ballot proposition may be obtained at the administrative offices of Fenton Area Public Schools, 3100 Owen Road, Fenton,Telephone: (810) 591-4700.

Precinct 2 and 3 ONLY

See the ballot here.

The polls open at 7:00 AM and close at 8:00 PM on election day.


Voters wishing to receive an absentee ballot in the mail must sign an application and submit to the Clerk. To receive a ballot in person, voters need to sign the application and show photo ID or affidavit. Absentee ballots must be returned to the Clerk's office by 8:00 pm on election day.


The Public Accuracy Test to demonstrate that the program and computer used to tabulate ballots counts votes in the manner prescribed by law will be held Tuesday, July 16 at 11:00 am.


The Clerk's office will be open on Saturday, August 3, 2019 from 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM for those wishing to obtain an absentee ballot.

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